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Make Your Company a Learning Organization

The world is moving faster today than it ever has before and companies must anticipate change within the industry and more importantly groom employees for it, otherwise they’ll be left behind.

A recent article discusses “The 3 Keys to Designing a Business That Learns.” The author describes how firms must always be reflecting upon its initiatives and analyzing its relevance within the marketplace, while constantly teaching and reteaching employees the tricks of the trade as they evolve. The last key she mentions is to stay ahead of the competition by actively evaluating current trends and anticipating the effects they can have on not only your business, but your competitors’ as well.

All three of these elements will undoubtedly be positive impacts on any type of company, but the one that stuck with us is the notion of always creating a “Learning Organization.” What does this mean though? That’s the beauty of it; it can mean anything you and your organization want it to mean.

At Celtic we are constantly circulating inspiring ads, witty articles and crazy videos around the office- some pertaining directly to the marketing/advertising industry and yes some may be the latest Jimmy Kimmel Live YouTube prank, but you can learn a little something from everything, right?

Also, getting out of the office to attend department specific workshops and seminars can allow employees to network with influential industry leaders and to remain ahead of the curve in regards to the competition. Consciously setting aside time each day to review current campaigns, industry news and trends can do more than give your mind a break from its usual routine, but can also help to spur great ideas, allow each employee and the company as a whole to remain up-to-date and proactively engaged in predicting and executing the next successful initiative.


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