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Time to Review & Protect Your Digital Assets?

It’s more important than ever for digital managers to employ security protection best practices and create a security policy for their organizations. Even the most basic steps can help prevent downtime, stolen data or content manipulation.

  1. Be Cryptic – Employees can be negligent about updating and using strong passwords to access ftp accounts or Content Management System dashboards. Passwords should be long in length and contain unique characters. Ensure your policy prohibits using names, company, obvious numeric sequences, or previous employee passwords.

  2. Change Passwords – Make sure employees use different passwords for different accounts so that they cannot be replicated across platforms. Establish a policy or send a reminder to have employees change their passwords on regular intervals.

  3. Document Passwords – Access to your accounts in a crisis is paramount. Document passwords and store in a secure location on the server. Make sure your “super admin” knows the procedures if you are hacked. Keeping credentials on a post-it note under the keyboard is a no-no.

  4. Partner with Host – Selecting a hosting provider is one of the most important website decisions an organization can make. Not only does the hosting provider keep your site up and running, they should engage measures to prevent unwarranted access. Query your existing provider about their monitoring and updates to ensure their security ideals are parallel with your organization.

  5. Back it Up – Configure backup and imaging schedules within your hosting environment to aggregate clean copies of your website for rapid reinstatement. Keep the files secure and follow an ongoing procedure for disaster recovery. Best practice recommends storing two weeks’ worth of files.

These are simple things but there is so much more. Celtic Chicago’s Digital division can work with your team to conduct a digital audit. It provides a thorough review and documentation to assist clients in standardizing best practices and policy development. Our Digital team can help set the foundation for your policy and create a platform for ongoing developments in your digital program.


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