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Celtic Super Bowl Ad Takes

Super Bowl Sunday…some come for the appetizers, some come for the football, and for others, the commercials are the main event. Celts tend to like all three, but as advertisers, we couldn’t help but weigh in on our favorite commercials from Super Bowl LVI:

Amazon is a Mind Reader

What do you get when you combine two beautiful people, who happen to be married in real life, and have almost flawless comedic timing? A really great spot that pokes fun at Alexa’s unnerving and (imagined) mind-reading feature. As the married couple goes about their daily life, the device increasingly asserts itself into their interactions. I often ask myself if Alexa is listening… now I know.

-Jim H

FTX Bridges the Crypto Gap

FTX really did a great job of showing why people don’t like things because they just don’t understand them. Like their platform, once their customers understand crypto trading, they get it. Using Larry David who has said he doesn’t understand the crypto world was genius.

-Chris L

Sally Sells Seashells with Squarespace

The Squarespace ad was simple, presenting a problem and showing the solution with their website builder. It played on the tongue twister “Sally sells seashells by the sea shore,” even using the alliteration throughout the script. Sally, played by Zendaya, had trouble marketing her business, so she opened a shop website on Squarespace. By the end of the ad, the shop was wildly successful thanks to her site. It was well directed, story driven and showed the audience how Squarespace helps expand small businesses.

-Bridget K

Cable Guy Meets 5G

As a big fan of the cult classic Cable Guy, seeing Jim Carrey reprise his role 25 years later would have been enough to make it my favorite of the evening. The fact that the ad clearly promoted Verizon’s 5G service and packed in several key messages made it as effective as it was entertaining.

-Jeremy H

Comedy Duo Relives Golden Memories

We all love a good, wholesome bromance, and seeing Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd’s on display in the Lay’s “Golden Memories” potato chip ad was heartwarming and hilarious. Paul’s near-death confession, “I’ve never seen any of your movies!” and Seth’s reply, “Not even the ones we were in together?” made me laugh out loud, and like any good Rogen/Rudd bit, there was a darker side with a levitating zombie bride. The right partnership can really elevate (or levitate) any ad.

-Justine B

Woke Up This Morning, Reserved Yourself a Silverado EV

As a huge fan of the Sopranos, the Chevrolet Silverado EV commercial grabbed my attention immediately. This commercial did a great job of paying homage to a great TV theme song while still making it about the truck. I also loved the line “A whole new truck for a whole new generation.” I thought that was an excellent, forward-thinking line. I also thought the CTA “Reserve Yours Now,” was fascinating, as I never associated vehicles with reservations. I thought it was a much better way of generating intrigue and sales than something like “Coming soon.”

-Matt B


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