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Celtic Weighs in on Best Super Bowl Ads

Even with an exciting game unfolding on the field, most of us here at Celtic view the football as the filler between the real main attraction – the commercials! No platform provides advertisers with more buzz or – with 103 million viewers – more eyeballs.

To offer a glimpse into the conversations that dominate the water cooler at Celtic post-Super Bowl, we gave each of our team leaders a homework assignment for Super Bowl Sunday. Each was asked to evaluate the ads, make a case for the best of the night, and predict its impact. Here are the results:

Marlene: Winner is Tide I believe the Tide ads were the winner of the Super Bowl commercial challenge because their brilliant concept turned every ad into a Tide ad. They made us laugh while still making the ad about the product and its benefits. The variety of the creative allowed them to reach multiple audiences from cowboys to babies to men, it was relevant across markets and delivered impact on the importance of CLEAN. The creative matched the marketing strategy of the product while still being entertaining. I predict the ad will jump-start sales and also take the spotlight away from the teenage challenge of eating their Pods product.

Blair: NFL Ad Takes the Prize The NFL ad featuring Eli Manning and Odell Beckham Jr. practicing an elaborate touchdown celebration dance copied almost directly from the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing was effective and entertaining. The mix of humor, interaction of two of the league’s most well-known players and the NFL’s stance of now welcoming end zone celebrations, made for a memorable ad that is both fun and light. The NFL has had a lot of controversy in the past year and this ad served to position the league differently and put a positive spin on its future.

Danielle: Visit Australia Wins Reviving epic 80’s movie scenes seemed to be the night’s trend, and an impersonating “Dundee” stole the show. The bait and switch tactic of making viewers believe a Crocodile Dundee revival had us champing at the bit for a summer release announcement. The stunningly visual Australian landscape shots mixed with Danny McBride’s humor made for an entertaining watch. The ad was so popular it surged an online petition for a real film to be made.

Kurt: The Lexus/ Black Panther Commercial Takes the Crown I am always fascinated with movie/product tie-in efforts, most especially with cars. Most are completely irrelevant, but this one works if for anything the sheer irony. It even ends with “long live the king.” If that doesn’t make consumers want to buy Lexus nothing will.

Jim: Bud Does It Again Most of the commercials lost their funny bone this year. But the ad that shined was steeped in emotional brand connections. Real workers from Budweiser’s Cartersville, Ga. brewery are featured in this ad, which focuses on Anheuser-Busch’s emergency water program. A mix of heart, corporate responsibility and product placement aligned beautifully to telling viewers they are more than just products. They are a company made up of employees that stand shoulder to shoulder with people in need. In the midst of tragedy, Budweiser helped… a brand promise we all can get behind.

So who should hoist the trophy for the competition off the field? Let us know in the comments which of these five was your favorite, or if you think our group missed the real winner.


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