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Employee Spotlight: Danielle Vitogiannes

Meet Danielle Vitogiannes, Celtic’s Director of Digital Services. From leading her awesome team in telling our clients’ brand stories through all digital platforms, supplying the office with candy for the entire month of October, and founding the iconic Celtic Chili Cook-Off (it gets intense), Danielle never slows down. Read on to learn more about her important role and how she keeps up in the ever-evolving digital age.

What does your daughter think you do here every day? She thinks I create those annoying ads on TV— I think that’s the main reason why she only wants to watch YouTube videos.

And what do you actually do? I lead a team of digital experts in executing programs for our clients that are accountable and impactful. The goal for everything we do is to elevate their brand, digitally.

You’re a Halloween lover, what are you most looking forward to next month? I have been patiently waiting 8 long years for this moment… I finally get to throw my daughter a big costume party for her birthday. (We need pictures and leftover birthday cake, please)

In 2019, “digital marketing” is more than just building websites. How do you keep up with constantly changing trends? We’re always staying up-to-date on new trends and capabilities to offer our clients, and our goal is to move the customer further down the buying journey and solidify the brand’s presence. No matter the vehicle, it all comes down to user experience—having a firm grasp on consumers’ needs is essential when getting started on a digital project.

Marketing automation is a perfect example of this approach. We’re seeing a huge demand for it across multiple industries and a growing list of platforms. But by understanding the role of marketing automation in the consumer journey, we’re able to tackle it efficiently and strategically, driving results for our clients.

Best meal overseas? Cheese platter in Paris with a glass of wine from the local vineyard. (Need we say more?)

What are you currently binge watching? Stranger Things season 3, Sebastian Maniscalco stand-up, and Ninja Warrior. (Yes, yes, yes)

Time to learn a little more about Danielle with our “Lightning Round”

Most used emoji? Crying laughing emoji Most used app? Weather Best concert? Obviously my husband’s. Other than his, I’d say The Who and Queen.

Word association, GO!

Digital: Exploration Fall: Best ever iPhone: Blessing and a curse

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