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Employee Spotlight: Deb Ryan

Meet Deb Ryan. Our Executive Director for Associations, dog mom to one and human mom to three, probably holds the Celtic award for most airline miles in the agency. From ideating to organizing, Deb is the one you call when you need an event to run seamlessly. Read on to learn more about Deb, including office superpowers and her ideal location for a meeting.

What do your kids think you do? Travel for meetings.

And what do you actually do? To keep my clients’ organizations vibrant and beneficial to their members, I partner with associations to create educational meetings and networking opportunities. (Traveling is involved, so her kids aren’t too far off)

From the Crochet Guild of America (CGOA) to the Society for Sex Therapy and Research (SSTAR), your clients are all extremely different. How do you keep the work consistent? Fundamentally, for all of our associations we are their home base. That means they always have a place to meet and even have separate phone lines (answered by our friendly voices), so there’s always someone here. What’s consistent and super important in any group is having a solid line of communication with the board of directors and the members. (Check out all the awesome things Deb and her team do)

January is almost over, do you still have a New Year resolution? I do! My goal was to read more and so far I have 2 books down in 2018. (We’ve already cancelled our gym membership)

You’re always on the move, what’s your fave place you’ve traveled to for a meeting? That’s a tough one. I would have to say San Diego, it’s always so beautiful there. This March we’re heading to New Orleans for a NRRDA conference and I can’t wait. We’re doing a walking parade from our hotel to an aquarium- complete with magicians, stilt walkers and jugglers. (Yes, they have a permit and yes, we’re scheming up ways to tag-a-long).

What would your office superpower be? Having another set of arms would be pretty awesome – I could get a whole lot more done in a day. (CGOA might have to crochet you a custom sweater, Deb)

What’s the best part of your everyday workload? The people. The phone is always ringing and there’s never a dull moment.

Time to learn a little more about Deb with our “Lightning Round.”

Day or night? Day Text or call? Call Coffee or tea? Coffee

Word association, GO! Chicago: Home Tweet: Okay Happy: Yes

Thanks to Deb for playing! To see more of our friendly faces and learn about the Celts that make this place go, check back each month.


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