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Employee Spotlight: Jim Heitzman

Meet Celtic’s President, Jim Heitzman. Jim oversees all day-to-day operations at the agency, ensuring that client needs are met with the right mix of agency services to deliver real, measurable results. When Jim isn’t running the agency, you can find him running with his wife or cheering on his two daughters. (He’s been to a lot of softball games, cheer competitions and band concerts.)

Happy New Year! Any resolutions? I’d love to run a half marathon in 2019. (We’ll be sitting at the water station)

Top 2018 highlight?

I have two highlights—

1. My oldest daughter graduated and went off to college, a very proud moment. (Go Hoosiers!) 2. 2018 was my first year in this new position as President— seeing the ad business from a different perspective taught me a lot and I was able to watch my team grow, which was definitely another proud moment.

What are you looking forward to the most in 2019? New trends in the industry. I’ve always enjoyed seeing how we stay on top of emerging trends, make it our own and then apply it to clients’ needs.

You’re a runner, what’s been your favorite race so far? The Big Ten Race is really fun especially now that my daughter is at a Big Ten school. The Warrior Dash was also a great time but involved a lot of mud.

What does the ideal weekend at the Heitzman household consist of? Everyone would be home. The girls sleeping in while the parents are out on a run then go see a movie and grab some sushi for dinner. (Can we come?)

You’ve helped establish our Celtic Cares team, what’s been your favorite event? We’ve done so many good ones but I think my favorite would be Random Acts of Flowers. We helped arrange bouquets of flowers for people in hospitals and nursing homes. Who knew we would be florist pros? I think it’s the Celtic green thumb. (You can keep up with our Celtic Cares team on our Instagram!)

What are the benefits of an ad agency with industry-specific expertise? Because we have been working within these industries for so long, we know our stuff. I think a lot of times agencies have to be somewhat taught certain industry lingo and requirements which can take some time, whereas we are able to shorten the ramp up time and go right to work. Another huge benefit is that we know the right questions to ask to deliver results to the right audiences and spark engagement.

Time to learn a little more about Jim with our “Lightning Round”

Most used emoji? Thumbs up Most used app? Flipboard Lucky number? 4

Word association, GO! Chicago: Lakefront Coffee: Starbucks Email: Work


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