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Put Your Content in Motion

Looking for a way to liven up your content? Give it some movement! Motion content is a sub-category under video content, the primary difference being that motion graphics primarily utilize 2D objects into live-action environments.

Rather than use a static image with copy, motion graphics can combine that same text with animation or movement. They are a great medium for telling a deeper story, explaining a process or a product’s features and benefits.

Motion graphics can significantly enhance the overall quality of a video while keeping the viewer’s attention on the screen and smoothly directing the video’s focal point from one scene to another. It can also help grab an audience that now as an attention span for ads of only eight seconds.

Marketers that incorporate captivating videos and dynamic animations into various channels can realize multiple benefits, including:

  • Enhanced search engine rankings: Incorporating videos can significantly boost your chances of appearing near the top of Google search results, as approximately 55% of page 1 results include at least one video. Furthermore, videos can help reduce bounce rates on your blog by around 10%.

  • Improved returns on Facebook ad spend: Utilizing video in your Facebook ad campaigns can yield better results. Facebook reports a 3.8x increase in the number of advertisers using video on their platforms, and campaigns combining static images with video achieve a conversion rate 17% higher than campaigns with static images alone. This can lead to 5.5x more conversions at a reduced cost.

  • Increased traction on Twitter: Twitter boasts more than 2 billion video views per day, with a remarkable 67% year-over-year growth. Videos on the platform attract 10 times more engagement and generate over 50% cost savings on a per-engagement basis.

At Celtic Chicago, we’re using motion graphic videos to help tell unique product stories for our client, ID Label. Our videos pair benefit-driven information with occasionally whimsical animations and designs to keep the viewer’s attention while also keeping them on their toes. The videos have been a great success for our client and have helped differentiate its brand in the marketplace.

Our team at Celtic Chicago is ready to put impactful content into motion for your brand. Reach out to us for more information on our motion graphic capabilities.


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