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The Shift to Digital Video

Digital video consumption has reached an unprecedented level across all platforms and devices. In 2023, it is projected that the time spent on digital video will surpass that of traditional television.

The majority of this time will be spent on connected devices such as smart TVs and game consoles rather than desktops, laptops, or mobile devices.

According to user statistics, YouTube has over twice as many US users as TikTok, meaning YouTube's ads continue to capture a larger audience in the US than TikTok's ads.

Video receives higher engagement and connection for a variety of reasons:

1. Visual Stimulation. By having both visual and auditory elements, video grabs the attention of those “surfing” content in crowded social feeds.

2. Video Tells a Story. By giving the content a narrative, the video story can evoke emotions that a photograph may not. It also allows for a deeper engagement in the content as the story progresses.

3. Mobile Friendliness. Videos are perfect for consuming on our phones. People can view and consume content anywhere, making videos easy to watch.

Incorporating more video into your media mix through social media, in-stream (desktop/mobile), and CTV (Connected TV) can offer enhanced viewability and engagement.

If you are interested in talking more about the power of video in your media mix, feel free to reach out to me: Brook Schuler, Media Director at I’ll provide further insights and guidance to get your team connected.


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