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Add a Human Element to Your Brand with Employee Profiles

One challenge facing a number of B2B marketers is how to effectively portray the personality of the brand. For industries like manufacturing, the messaging is generally straight forward with an emphasis on a product and/or solution-based sell. While this is often the best approach, let’s face it, it doesn’t leave that warm, fuzzy feeling.

To show the human side of a brand, sometimes it helps to turn the attention to the actual humans behind the brand. Employee profiles are pieces on employees that highlight both their position within the company and who they are outside of the office. These simple pieces work great either written or as videos, and can help bring a refreshing perspective of the company to the website, newsletter and social media channels. These pieces can not only show off the depth of expertise powering the organization, they can allow current and potential customers to better connect with your brand.

These profiles are also great for the company internally, as employee recognition has a strong impact on both culture and retention. Recognized employees report higher levels of satisfaction which translates into better retention.

After a series of acquisitions helped establish Tronair as one of the largest suppliers of aviation ground support equipment, the company engaged Celtic to help reestablish the brand. Part of that effort included a series of in-depth employee profiles for the new consolidated Tronair social media page. Celtic conducted interviews with team members from all levels of the organization and produced profiles that helped put a human touch to this manufacturing brand.


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