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Boost Awareness and Credibility Through Influencer Marketing

The number of ads people see, hear and read in a day is only growing. Some estimate the average American views 4,000 to 10,000 advertisements a day which adds up to a lot of messages going in one ear and out of the other. To connect with your target audience without making their eyes glaze over or drift to something else, many are turning to influencers to spread their message.

An influencer is a person who has the power to affect thinking or behavior. Influencers have dedicated and attentive audiences who want to watch, listen to and read about the influencer. This gives influencers strong voices to speak on behalf of your brand.

Three reasons to use influencers:

  1. Trusted. Influencers have dedicated and loyal followers who believe in the credibility of the influencer.

  2. Targeted. Influencers can have hyper-specific audiences that traditional forms of marketing could not reach.

  3. Thriving. When an influencer speaks on behalf of a brand, the message sounds less like an ad and more like a friend offering advice or a recommendation which gets the message to the audience.

Consumers are so surrounded by brand messaging that they’ve become pretty good at ignoring it. Hearing the message from a trusted influencer makes it a lot easier to break through the noise.

For pet owners in particular, influencer endorsements can mean the difference between a sale and the customer moving on to other options. Pets are viewed as family, and pet owners want reliable information and recommendations they can trust.

To help announce a new small animal pet accessory by our client, Kaytee, Celtic engaged a veterinarian blogger to help spread the word. The blogger named the product one of her favorites of a large annual pest show, and shared her recommendation on a popular morning TV show and to her social media followers. This created more than exposure for the product, it established a credibility that few other marketing efforts could.


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