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Four Reasons to Use Facebook Advertising

There are 2.27 billion active monthly users on Facebook as of 20181. With that many people getting onto a single platform every month, Facebook offers brands a powerful platform for reaching their audiences.

Through videos, Facebook live, groups, pages and more, Facebook offers many ways to engage an audience. While simply posting on Facebook can go a long way in your marketing strategy, Facebook advertising can help take your marketing to the next level.

Here are 4 reasons you should be using Facebook advertising:

1. Your audience is on Facebook. Posting on Facebook connects your page to people who know your brand, but it is easy for your posts to get lost in the algorithm. With the option to define audiences to the group best-suited to see your content, the right people will see your ad with minimal effort. One way of narrowing your audience is to target based on location. For example, exhibitors of a pet industry trade show who wish to target the attendees with a Facebook ad could select the trade show’s location when narrowing their audience.

2. Facebook ads don’t need to break the bank. With the ability to set a strict price cap, cost-effective targeted ads will reach a narrow audience without emptying the budget. Compared to traditional media ads, Facebook ads are lower in cost and provide a more-precise audience. TV, radio, magazine and newspaper ads may reach a larger audience, but the audience is less specific and more costly.

3. You’re in control of your Facebook ads. Facebook ads are able to change quickly as your advertising needs change. The ads interface gives you the control to edit and adjust the ads, price, audience and more in real time, allowing you flexibility in your strategy. When an ad isn’t working, there is no need to let it run its course when you have the ability to adjust it. 4. Find the ones who got away with re-targeting ads. Facebook Pixel connects your Facebook account to your website, allowing you to serve ads specifically to Facebook users that recently viewed your site. Once someone interacts with your website, Pixel gives you the opportunity to send them tailored ads to give them a gentle reminder from the brand or move them closer to conversion. For example, pet product marketers can re-target users who’ve added a dog toy to their cart but left without purchasing. The re-targeted pet ad could show the product to the user in hopes that they come back to their abandoned cart.

As marketers, we at Celtic rely on social media to help our clients provide thought leadership and engage with their audiences on a deeper level. But in addition to a valuable communication platform, Facebook offers marketers one of the most cost efficient and effective advertising vehicles available. To learn more about adding social media advertising to your marketing mix, contact us.


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