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Develop an Effective B2B Blogging Strategy

More marketers are embracing the value of blogs in the content marketing mix, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only do they help with SEO efforts and social media content, internet users in the U.S. spend three times longer reading a company’s blog than they do on emails from the company. And while blogs may seem to be a better fit for a consumer audience, B2B businesses are more likely to use blogging than B2C businesses.

For many industries, the biggest challenge is the same – what would we blog about? Sure, a restaurant blogging about food and cooking makes sense, but how does that apply to my company’s widget or service? For industries like manufacturing, the key is to think beyond what you have to say about your own company, and shift your attention to the people and businesses you serve.

Celtic typically recommends a “solution-based” approach to blogging, offering answers to common problems your clients face. Even if the subjects don’t directly involve your particular product or service, they still offer an opportunity to highlight your expertise within the field.

Flexco is a manufacturer of conveyor belt solutions that works with companies in areas ranging from food and beverage, to mining, and package and parcel handling. While simply blogging about the company’s products may have proved limiting, they were able to expand into a wide range of topics by addressing typical problems clients face, warning signs to look out for and overall maintenance best practices.

By using blogs as a complement to more traditional promotional messaging, companies can reap the benefits from both an SEO and thought leadership perspective.


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