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Get Found Online with a Solid SEO Strategy

Websites with compelling and relevant content give their users real value which is why search engines reward quality websites with high search engine rankings.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is used to improve organic search engine results through driving high quality and quantity traffic to your website. While there are many ways to improve search engine results, one major way is through the use of keywords.

Keywords are the terms used by search engine users to make searches. Knowing these words and phrases and incorporating them into genuinely relevant content will help you design a better experience for your users. If your website flows with keywords in mind, users can achieve their goals faster and with fewer clicks, likely improving your SEO in the process.

But while the general philosophy is easy to grasp, understanding how to properly execute the plan is a bit more complex. Compiling the keywords requires a combination of client industry knowledge, trend research and a little old fashioned guesswork. Knowing how and where to incorporate these keywords is the next crucial step.

When Celtic partnered with premium pet treat manufacturer Cadet Pet on the development of a new website, SEO was one of the primary considerations of the project. The pet market is overcrowded and 38% of pet owners say they find new pet products via online search, so having a site that would compete well in search rankings was essential. After a deep dive into the keywords the audience uses to find products on Cadet Pet’s site, Celtic compiled the keywords into a flow chart to show what’s on the user’s mind when they’re searching for “long lasting dog treats,” “healthy dog snacks” and the like. This flow chart helped organize the larger content strategy and allowed us to easily share and review the approach with the client team. The end result was an SEO-rich website that eventually saw improved search engine performance.

SEO is a long game. Shooting up from the second page to the first page takes time, effort and knowhow. But by understanding the process and potential benefits, you can ensure a website that users can find with the information they were seeking.


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