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Keep Social Content Fresh

We’ve all seen it. The website with press releases over a year old or the social site with content posted last year. Your brand looks tired and your company behind if your content doesn’t remain fresh. A good rule of thumb is that your customers treat content management as they would a loaf of bread in their cupboard at home. If it’s been there too long, they won’t eat it.

When incorporating tactics such as blogs and website articles into a content marketing strategy, keep it fresh or toss it. New content on a website will boost search performance and give your audience incentive to come back. But if the most recent posts on social or your blog are still offering “Holiday Tips” in April, your visitors will quickly see that “news” has become little more than an afterthought. If you aren’t able to refresh this content regularly, you are better off removing the old content all together before it becomes stale. If you don’t have the resources to maintain new content in every social site, choose just a few – even if that means all you can maintain is your website – and keep it fresh.

Content strategy across platforms needs to be a budget line item in your marketing plan. B2B marketers are continuing to embrace the benefits of content marketing, with one recent study reporting that 86% are employing content marketing strategies in 2015. At Celtic, we have a social content team that works to deliver the “voice” for our clients to their social and web platforms. By properly creating content and publishing timelines, brands benefit with increased search performance and engagement with their customers. Those same tactics can backfire without sufficient commitment and execution.


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